Kelly + Trey | Chapel Hill, NC

Kelly and Trey are getting married in April and I am so excited for it!

These two are incredibly fun to take pictures of and their wedding sounds like it is going to be unlike any other I’ve ever photographed before. Thanks Kelly and Trey for being so fun and for braving the cold with me.

“I want to see you.

Know your voice.

Recognize you when you
first come ’round the corner.

Sense your scent when I come
into a room you’ve just left.

Know the lift of your heel,
the glide of your foot.

Become familiar with the way
you purse your lips
then let them part,
just the slightest bit,
when I lean in to your space
and kiss you.

I want to know the joy
of how you whisper
– Rumi

Kelly_and_Trey_01 Kelly_and_Trey_02 Kelly_and_Trey_68 Kelly_and_Trey_17 Kelly_and_Trey_19 Kelly_and_Trey_11 Kelly_and_Trey_23 Kelly_and_Trey_21 Kelly_and_Trey_70 Kelly_and_Trey_31 Kelly_and_Trey_37 Kelly_and_Trey_50 Kelly_and_Trey_47 Kelly_and_Trey_43


Public spaces

IMG_9599 IMG_9603

In sorting through my life and old photos last night, I came across these three images. They were taken on my last night in London this past summer.

I wandered through Regent’s park and felt a lot for the place // the city as a whole.

London will always have a special place in my heart and I know that (*in addition to my beloved India and Nepal too) it will always be a place I go back to . . . Now and for years to come.




Best of all things are the lights in the sky

but what I am seeking is sleep.

Or not sleep exactly,

because of the dreams and the damage they do,

but places to sleep, on the ground,

in the middles of cities that are strange to me:

cots that cost nothing, whatever the slant,

spots that are mine at nightfall,

favorable places the size of my body,

where grass grows out of the brickwork,

under the stars or the lights of the tunnels.

- Thomas Frick


Kathi + Lisa | Charlotte, NC

Kathi and Lisa were married on their 13th anniversary.

Their wedding was held at Holy Covenant church in Charlotte and an elegant reception at Byron’s South End followed. Music, good food, and a celebration of love was most important to them on their special day and it was filled with all of those things! Their wedding was held on a Friday night and it was entirely them.

Kathi and Lisa’s day was  particularly special because of the love that they share as well as the love that exists between them and their family and friends. They are incredibly loved and supported by their friends, their families, and their church community and it is evident in the way in which they live their lives.

It was an honor to be a part of this wedding.

Congratulations and blessings for years to come Kathi and Lisa!

Kathi_and_Lisa_Couple_34 Kathi_and_Lisa_Couple_17 Kathi_and_Lisa_Couple_02 Kathi_and_Lisa_Couple_37 Kathi_and_Lisa_Couple_40 Kathi_and_Lisa_Couple_48Kathi_and_Lisa_Couple_27

Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_104 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_103 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_102 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_101 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_004 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_125Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_002 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_097 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_093 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_018 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_021 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_034 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_042 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_115 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_117 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_116 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_025 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_033 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_031 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_037 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_041 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_114 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_050 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_118 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_047 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_068 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_122 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_075 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_081 Kathi_and_Lisa_Ceremony_087 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_001 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_002 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_030 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_031 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_033 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_035 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_037 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_177 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_183 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_159 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_019 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_154Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_162 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_051 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_172 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_101 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_096 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_094 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_187 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_198 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_197 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_192 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_074 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_081 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_091 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_140 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_134 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_137 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_135 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_176 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_180 Kathi_and_Lisa_Reception_203