grace: nanti sore, kamu mau mandi jam berapa?

very loosely translated as: “grace, LATER TODAY, when will you FINALLY take a shower?”

jen, nicole and my lovely teacher kristi asked me that question after going over time and healthy habits in indonesian language class the other day.

most people on java like to take an average of two showers a day. my every other day {sometimes every two day regime} is  apparently appalling! i am working on it, but honestly, the team has stayed impressively busy these past few days.

indonesian language lessons have commenced at alam bahasa and with only three more days there,  jen, dan, amirah, nicole and i still have a lot to learn.


+ make sure you check out the team blog {here} for photos, updates and stories

+ meet my future child . . . or me as a baby. . . thanks abby for making my weeks just that much brighter!

much love from yogya.

more to come as soon as i find more internet time!

One thought on “grace: nanti sore, kamu mau mandi jam berapa?

  1. showers are totally overrated. i can’t tell you how many “breaks” i took from showering while traveling in north india. (my husband probably can though. heh.)

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